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“If a man has not discovered something
that he will die for, he isn’t fit to live.”
— Martin Luther King, Jr.

"I Crush Obstacles"

Design & Development Project Manager
SEO Strategist

web design & internet
marketing for business

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Project Management

Dedicated Cloud Servers

We make it easy to manage, update and stay in the loop of your project. Central secure portals are created for version control affordances.

Web Marketing

Immediate Traffic to your website

We use proprietary software that will put your business in the face of your clients. Our pre-approved campiagns based on market research and cost analysis social interactions will target your market non-stop 24/7 365. You will get immediate traffic.

Payment Processing

custom point of sale devices

Meister Works payment processing is another added bonus you get by being our client. We design your interface around your point of sale devices and program to sync with your back office. We also have a free web design solution for qualified merchants.
Meister Webzr
Project Manager
UI/ UX Designer

It started off simple, "I wanted to out rank a few local competitors with SEO."

Based on my success with SEO, my interest, standards and knowledge has grown tremedously.

I've learned that you have to plan to achieve and you will need to be resilent and creative along the way. It's how you think about it, that determines the outcome of a situation. I will always put your best interest first and work to help you achive your ultimate goals.

square "I CRUSH OBSTACLES" ~ Meister

Meister Webzr

In my spare time I'm usually with my family at sporting event, either Football, BMX or an automotive car show or event. I enjoy spending time with family & friends.


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Real-Time Merchant Reporting

POS & e-Commerce websites!

Tidal Waves Pomade, Inc

Hair Care Product Manufacturer
Tidal Waves Pomade, TWP Life is the leader in hair care products on the east coast. They specialize in urban organic products for Men & Women looking to style their hair.

Based on our success, TWP Life is moving into new territories with distributors and retail store fronts. This expansion is scheduled to be completed in 2018. Since its inception we've updated the corp branding, packaging and overall flow process to better serve its clients. Meister Works, crushes obstacles and makes a way out of no way.


We overhauled the user interface to better illustrate the brand and its products in the relative markets.

Product Labeling

TWP Life product labeling was re-branded by Meister Works aiding branding awareness.

Semantic Code

From the website to our mobile app & responsive media styling TWP Life is ready for cross browser use.

Our Affliations over the Years

Over the years I've worn many hats and worked on many projects, all in all, I've learned many things. The most important things is to keep moving forward. There will be many obstacles in life that are created to make us better individuals but it's our choice to keep moving forward.

I work with the business owner for many reasons, fesablity, leveraging project guidelines and overhead but most of all is that I translate ideas into functionality with either a product or service and somtimes both. Meister Works is here to help you and your company achive its goals.

While working with business owners I've also earned my degree, "Bachelors of Science in Web Design & Development," from Full Sail University. While also attending developer seminars for youtube, google and to better serve you with current and emerging technologies.

Alumni Chapter

Tri City Nupes

The Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alphs Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.
The Brothers of Tri City Nupes were in need of a website that appealed to all members as well as illustrate the meaning of being apart of the illustrious fraternity.

Truly an honor to work with these gentlemen and scholars. I was contracted to create a portal for new and existing members. Needed colaborative features and member/ chapter news updates. Krimson & Kream website for Tri City Nupes, Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc..


We used wordpress for content management system for future updates.


We customized the functions within wordpress to better serve the members of the chapter.

Graphic Design

We custom designed imagery to properly illustrate the chapter based on design comps.

Client Reviews

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